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Fees, School Policy


20 min.Private LessonBeginner LevelSolo practical lesson$26.00
30 min.Private LessonBeginner Level through to Level/Grade 4Solo practical lesson$38.00
60 min.Private LessonLevel/Grade 5 to Grade 7Solo practical lesson$75.00
60 min.Private LessonLevel/Grade 8, C.Mus / A.Mus / L.Mus Diploma’sSolo practical lesson$75.00
45 min.Group Lesson [Theory Class]All LevelsBetween 5 and 10 students in a class$20.00
45 min.Group Lesson [Musicianship]All LevelsAural, Ensemble and creative work. 5 to 10 students in a class$20.00
45 min.Group Lesson [Theory Class]All LevelsFor students also enrolled in private lessons. Between 5 to 10 students in a class.$11.50
45 min.Group Lesson [Musicianship]All LevelsAural, Ensemble and creative work. For students enrolled in private lessons. Between 5 and 10 students in a class.$11.50

School Policy for 2019

By enrolling at C-MAT, the students will experience teachers who are highly committed and professional. We expect the same level of commitment and respect, in regards to regular attendance at all scheduled lessons.

  • Lessons are based are based around the Queensland State School terms. There are four terms a year.
    Lesson term dates are as follows:
    TERM ONEMonday 28th JanuarySaturday 6th April10 weeks
    TERM TWOTuesday 23rd AprilSaturday 29th June10 weeks
    TERM THREEMonday 15th JulySaturday 21st September10 weeks
    TERM FOURTuesday 7th OctoberSaturday 14th December10 weeks
  • If a lesson falls on a public holiday, depending on teacher availability, the lesson may be offered on the public holiday.
  • There will be lessons conducted on Education Queensland’s student free days.
  • Lesson fees are due at the commencement of each term.
  • If fees are not paid in full, lessons will not be offered.
  • No refund for lessons will be given. 
  • To be eligible for a catchup lesson, seven-days notice must be given via email to C-MAT admin, if unable to attend a lesson, due to planed scheduled interruption.
  • If unable to attend the scheduled lesson due to sickness, notice via email to C-MAT admin must be given on the morning, prior to the lesson.
  • One catchup lesson will be offered per term. This will be scheduled on the first Saturday of the following term. This catchup lesson may be with a different teacher.
  • Please note that results from events and examinations, as well as digital photos, digital videos and audio recordings may be taken at C-MAT functions and used in future promotions.
  • By enrolling at the C-MAT, you agree to abide by the above terms and conditions.